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St Begh's Catholic Junior School

Welcome to Year 3!

Miss McLean & Mrs. Hufton.




This term our topic is 'Florida the Sunshine State'.





Our focus texts for this term are all connected to our Geography topic 'Florida the Sunshine State'. We will start off this topic by visiting the cinema to watch Disney's version of Beauty and the Beast. Other texts will include different fairy tale stories, fairy tale short films and fairy tale play scripts. 


We will be covering the year group objectives by producing; biographies, diaries, stories, advertisement, character descriptions and non-chronological reports.

 A major grammar focus this term will be to use speech punctuation and conjunctions to extend sentences. We will be creating a rich vocabulary in our writing and work on evaluating the effectiveness of our own and others’ writing.


Children will be taught how to use a dictionary to check the meaning of words and prepare plays to read and act aloud. They will retrieve and record information from non-fiction books.



Our geography topic for the first half term is 'Florida the Sunshine State'. This links with our literacy focus. We will begin the topic by looking at the northern and southern hemispheres and where different countries lie in the world. We will then have a focus on the state of Florida and look at geographical features and why it is such a popular place for people to visit and live. Other criteria will involve the children using an atlas to locate places and using geographical vocabulary. 



We will be covering the following objectives:

Numbers and calculation

  • Learn the 3,4 & 8 x tables
  • Develop mental methods for addition and subtraction
  • Use written column addition and subtraction
  • Solve number problems, including multiplication and division

Geometry and Measurement

  • Measure and calculate using metric measures
  • Measure simple perimeter
  • Add and subtract using money
  • Calculate simple time problems
  • Draw 2-d/ Make 3-d shapes
  • Identify and use right angles
  • Identify horizontal, vertical, perpendicular and parallel lines

Fractions and decimals

  • Use and count in tenths
  • Recognise, find and write fractions
  • Recognise some equivalent fractions
  • Add, subtract and order fractions


  • Interpret bar charts and pictograms



Forces and magnets is our science topic for the first half of the summer term. Children will learn how objects move on different surfaces as well as explaining how some forces require contact and others don't. Children will make predictions about whether objects are magnetic and carry out an enquiry to test this out. Scientific vocabulary such as attract and repel will be used throughout lessons and children should be able to give reasons for why magnets do attract and repel. 


On Monday afternoons throughout the term children will be taking part in lessons delivered by Daniel, our Sports Plus coach. Could you please ensure that your child has a labeled P.E kit (including names written on the inside of P.E pumps) at all times. This can be taken home at half term to be laundered.

The children will now have an extra PE session on  Thursdays now that our swimming block is finished. During this lesson we will be doing sports day practice and if the weather is fine lessons will take place on the yard or school field. 



Pencil cases

Please remember to leave pencil cases at home. They will come in handy for completing homework tasks and we will supply everything the children need in class. 



The most important work that needs to be done at home is regularly listening to your child read and sharing books. Children need to get into the habit of bringing their books into school and placing them into the basket so that we can change books when they finish them . Don't forget to write in your child's reading record so that we know that they have finished their book. We will collect in reading records to be checked every Monday. Also please remind your child to hand in their weekly homework tasks every Monday. Rewards will be given for completed tasks.

Children can also access Lexia at home, an online reading programme. See link below. Your teacher will give you your login details if you have lost them.


Mathletics is set weekly on a Monday. We encourage the children to complete these activities at home. Please let your class teacher know if you cannot access Mathletics and we will make provisions in school. Your teacher can give you a copy of your login details if you have lost them.