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St Begh's Catholic Junior School

Welcome to our page!

Our priorities for the year are to help the staff keep alive all the healthy living advice we all received through the 'Activate' programme. We are coming up with a list of suggestions such as a 'Fruit Shack' on the yard selling a wider variety of fruit and healthy snacks at playtime. The children are also interested in having special days when fresh lemonade or smoothies are available. The children are keen that now the weather is improving, more lessons take place outside. At playtime, the children would like to be free to use the walking route more independently (i.e. not having to wait for an adult to lead!)

Children want some more input in the planning of PE lessons and are keen that two sessions a week take place at all times. They love lessons with their own teachers.

The Woodland Walkway is out of action when it's wet. The children have suggested finding out if a different surface such as astroturf could be put down. They also want a rule that says that if you are using the Woodland Walkway you have to keep moving around it.


Mrs. Mallard asked the School Council earlier in the year to make sure that a lot of their work was concentrated on learning! The children have given lots of great ideas and feedback. There is great feedback about 'real-life maths'. The children enjoy it and think that it is really useful!

They are keen to have the opportunity to write more stories using their own ideas.

Mostly, they have advised their teachers that they love 'fun lessons'! They love being outside. They love practical activities. They love the way teachers have made topics so exciting.


School Councillors have passed on really useful information to staff about e-safety concerns they have. This has allowed staff to respond quickly. Concerns have been about some children accessing 'hacked' games and websites with misleading names such as 'Cool Maths Games'.