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This is a link to activities to practise 'SPAG' - spelling, punctuation and grammar. Children in Year 6 sit a test as part of their SATs to assess their knowledge and skills in this area.

Compare4KidsYear 6 SATs

Spelling Games

Click on the links: 

Trapped Spellings

Listen to the instructions and escape. 

Spin Spellings

Play on your own or a friend. 

Spelling Year 3 and 4

Once directed, click on the buttons to play. 

Spellings Year 5 and 6

Once directed, click on the buttons to play.  


Collection of homophone games.


Word lists

Please find below a series of word lists that children should know/learn during their time at primary school. Ideally, many of the words that appear on the high frequency word lists would be learnt at infant school, although it is very common for many children entering junior school to still have a number of these to master.

Below the high frequency lists, you will find word lists for Years 3 & 4 and Years 5 & 6. These are the word lists associated with the new curriculum for English coming into force in September 2014. They give an indication of the standard of spelling expected in these year groups.

As part of our homework timetable, we ask that children work on these words at home, starting from the first list if necessary.

Punctuation Games

Click on the links below.

Grammar Games

Click on the links below.



Covers all punctuation.

Punctuate the Sentences

Add the correct punctuation into sentences. 

Capital letters

Put the capital letter in the right place. 

Capital Letter - Blow away

'Blow' the wrong letter away and place the correct one in it's place. 

Full Stops

Put the full stops in the right places.  

Question Marks - The Dragon

Put the question marks in the right place. 

Question Marks - Statements into Questions

Change statements into questions. 


Add the correct punctuation and spellings to beat the clock. 


Listen to the instructions and place commas in the correct place. 

All Punctuation - Pin the Board

Tests all punctuation. 



 Learn how to use paragraphs. 


Check the sentences provided. 

Silly Sentences

Use different words to make amusing sentences. 

Word Type Quiz

Can you get all the word types correct? 


Can you find all the adjectives? 

Nouns and Adjectives

Solve the problems to escape. 

What are Nouns?

Play the games and name the nouns. 


Place a pronoun in the correct place. 


Write the correct tense. 

Verbs and Adverbs

List to the information and answer the question. 

Simple, Compound and Complex Sentences

Improve your sentences with this great game.