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French is taught throughout the School with the following units covered from Year 3 to Year 6:

Unit 1: Where is France?, Capital City, Greetings, Classroom Commands, Numbers to 12, Classroom Objects.

Unit 2: Age, Where You Live, Numbers to 20, Days of the Week, Story of The Hungry Caterpillar, Describing the Weather, Alphabet.

Unit 3: Numbers to 30, Describing Members of the Family, Reading and Writing Letters about the Family, Colour and Preferences, Asking and Answering Questions.

Unit 4: Numbers to 40, Names of Pets, Revision of Masculine and Feminine Nouns, Opinions about Pets, Plural Nouns, Masculine and Feminine Adjectives, Colour Size and Quantity, Writing a Description of Pets, Reading and Writing an Animal Poem.

Unit 5: Telling the Time, Daily Routines, Writing a Letter about a Typical Day, Numbers to 60, Months of the Year and Festivals, Birthdays and Dates, Seasons,Weather Poem.

Unit 6: Countries Surrounding France, Location of French Towns, Revision of 'j'habite', Present Tense of Verb 'aller' (singular form), Information about Paris, Points of the Compass, Sending a Postcard from a Holiday Destination.

Unit 7: Revision of Numbers to 60, Telling the Time (half past, quarter past and to; analogue and digital), Revision of Verbs for Daily Routines, 'er' Verb Endings, Conjunctions and Adverbs of Time, Making Longer Sentences, Names of School Subjects, School in France, Modes of Transport.

Unit 8: How to Ask for Drinks & Snacks, Understand and Express Likes and Dislikes about Drinks & Snacks, Learning How to Shop using Euros, Having a Conversation to Buy Ice Creams, How to Buy Different Types of Bread, Making a Shopping List and Planning a Party, Following Instructions & Writing a Recipe.

Unit 9: Names of Body Parts, Present Tense of the Verb 'avoir', Writing a Description of a Monster, Names of Sports, Sport in France, Giving Opinions of Sports and Agreeing and Disagreeing with Statements, 'er' Verbs in Singular and Plural and Making Silly Sentences, Reading & Writing a Letter about Sports, Story of Loulou et Roger and Using Negatives.

Unit 10: Learning the Names of Clothes, Fashion in France, Differences between France and England, Revising Adjectives of Colour, Size and Quality and Adjective Agreement, Describing Clothes and Expressing Opinions, the Present Tense of the Verb 'porter', Using Positive and Negative Statements, Trying On & Buying Clothes, Developing Role-play into a Playscript, What to Wear in Different Kinds of Weather (complex sentences), Story of The Sun and the Wind.

Unit 11: Rooms and Furniture in the House, Prepositions Expressing Position, Common Verbs Linked to Rooms in the House, Writing a Description of a Fantasy House, Places in Town and Asking for Directions Using 'au/ à la', the Present Tense of 'aller', Describing your Local Area Using Positive and Negative Statements, Produce a Leaflet or Powerpoint Describing a French Town.

Unit12: Creating a Passport with Personal Details, Drawing Up a Travel Itinerary, Using Prepositions to Describe Location, Mapwork on St. Lucia Using Coordinates to Locate Places, Hurricanes, Study of a Non-fiction Text, Banana Growing, Cocktails and Tropical Fruits, Following and Writing a Recipe, Anansi Poem, Using Adjectives and Adverbs to Improve Descriptions, Attitudes Towards Racism ( the story of Homme de Couleur), Written/Oral Presentation about St. Lucia.


Click on the image below to play some French games from the BBC.