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St Begh's Catholic Junior School

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Welcome to our page!

What happened last year?

Children requested that they would like to be free to use the walking route more independently (i.e. not having to wait for an adult to lead!). We have some Year 6 leaders this year.

The Woodland Walkway is out of action when it's wet. The children have suggested finding out if a different surface such as astroturf could be put down. They also want a rule that says that if you are using the Woodland Walkway you have to keep moving around it. We are getting an all-weather surface put down soon.

School Councillors passed on really useful information to staff about online safety concerns they have. This has allowed staff to respond quickly. Concerns have been about some children accessing 'hacked' games and websites with misleading names such as 'Cool Maths Games'.

Priorities for this year:

The children have requested that there is a school dinners theme day each half-term. Their suggestions are Chinese, Mexican, French, Spanish. Jackie, our school cook is beginning with a Chinese day to celebrate Chinese New Year.

They are keen that the outdoor area is developed. They would like to explore ways to attract more nature into the school grounds after their visit to the Watchtree Nature Reserve. Local police are supporting the school in this endeavour by organising local groups to come in to help build bird boxes and bug hotels.