Personal Social Health and Economic Education (PSHE),

including Human Relationships and Sex Education (HRSE).

Our PSHE curriculum includes education on 'Human Relationships and Sex Education' (HRSE). We use a scheme called 'Life to the Full' to deliver this part of our curriculum. It has been designed specifically for Catholic schools.

As with all elements of education, parents are a child's first educators and as such, take the lead in the way they wish their children to receive this part of the curriculum. 'Life to the Full' has a parent portal where parents and carers can review the content of what we plan to teach in school. We share login details for this portal via our school newsletter.

As well as preparing parents and carers for any conversations at home children may wish to have, reviewing the content on the parent portal may result in a wish to discuss the content with staff. We welcome any conversations you may wish to have. You have the right to withdraw your child from any aspects you feel they are not ready for, apart from those that are set out in the Science National Curriculum which is statutory.