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St Begh's Catholic Junior School

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General Information  

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Our School Day

The school day starts at 8:55am and ends at 3:15pm.

We ask all children to aim to be at School for 8:50am to avoid lateness. Any children arriving after 8:55am receive a late mark.


If a child is unable to come to School due to ill-health, we ask that the School Office is informed before 10am on the first day of absence.


Our school colours are pale blue and burgundy. Boys and girls wear pale blue polo shirts, burgundy sweatshirts and grey trousers. Girls can wear grey skirts or pinafore dresses and burgundy cardigans. In summer they can choose a blue summer school dress. We ask for black school shoes or boots.

PE kit is a black t-shirt and red shorts with trainers or pumps.

 Water bottles

All children need a water bottle (with their name on) in School. This can be filled in School from our water coolers. Please encourage your child/children to remember to bring their bottles home on a Friday for a thorough wash. Bottles are available to buy from the School Office for £1.

 Dinner money

This is £2.20 a day, working out at £11 per week. Children can order one-off dinners from the menu whilst having packed lunches other days. Money is paid on Mondays and Fridays. Children can hand it in to their classteacher in a named envelope or it can be paid directly at the School Office. Cheques should be made payable to Cumbria County Council.

If you are ever unsure about whether your child is eligible for free school meals, please ask for advice at the School Office. You will be aware that a successful application for free school meals brings additional funding into School that can be used to support your child in many ways.

 Dropping off and picking up

The Church car park can be used by cars for dropping off and picking up. Parents and carers are asked to respectfully park in a marked bay by reversing into a space. (Please remember that this is a Remembrance Garden area). Children should be accompanied by an adult across the car park. Drivers are asked to make sure headlights are used during winter months.

Please follow the link to view our risk assessment relating to the car park.

At the end of the day, children are released through the year group doors. Staff are on duty on the yard supervising children leaving through the bottom gate and supervising children being picked up by car in the Church car park. No child is ever left alone on the yard.

Please let School know if you are allowing your child to walk alone, with siblings or a group of friends.

Please never pick up someone else's child as a favour without their knowledge.



We are here to help. A problem shared (especially early on) can be solved. Classteachers are available before and after school each day, either on the end of the phone or face-to-face. Please ask at the School Office. Appointments can be made to speak to the Headteacher at the School Office too. Phone calls and emails are also welcome (emails can be sent via this website - please see the home page).

A comprehensive weekly newsletter comes out on a Friday. See the home page to subscribe for an electronic copy.

Any letters you may have missed will be on the letters page (see drop-down menu at the top of this page).