Miss Lois Anderson, Chair of Governors & Foundation Governor. Lois is a Risk Practioner working in the nuclear industry. She has a degree in Project Management. She sits on the Institute of Risk Management Special Interest Group. Lois is the (joint) nominated Governor for Safeguarding. She sits on all committees. 

Mrs. Patricia McCarron,  Vice Chair & Foundation Governor. Patricia works in the Nuclear Industry. She  previously worked for the NatWest Bank for 30 years as a Lending & Finance Officer and Counter Manager. Patricia is the (joint) nominated Governor for Safeguarding. She is Chair of the Curriculum & Standards Committee and sits on the Staffing, Finance & Assets Committee and the H&S/Safeguarding Committee. She has been a governor since 2008.

Foundation Governors:

Mrs. Mary McCormick works for LLW Repository in Procurement following over 18 years at Sellafield and then 14 years working as a SAP consultant. She has a wide range of interests outside of work, including finance and has been a governor for several years. Mary is Chair of the Staffing, Finance & Assets Committee and sits on the Curriculum & Standards Committee.

Mrs. Jo Frears is a catechist at St. Begh's Church and a carer for her autistic son. She is a former pupil of St. Begh's as were her children and now grandchildren. For many years she ran parent and toddler groups on the Howgill Playbus, play schemes and after school clubs. Jo sits on the Health & Safety/Safeguarding and Curriculum & Standards Committees. She is the nominated governor for SEND.

Mr. Peter McLean is a qualified Commercial Diving Supervisor and has previously worked in many roles including construction and demolition. He has over 30 years of experience at the Sellafield Site. Peter is the nominated Governor for Health & Safety. He is Chair of the Health & Safety/Safeguarding Committee.

Mr. John Savage is a Science teacher who has worked in local secondary schools for over 20 years. His first position was at St. Benedict's Catholic High School. He is now Science Curriculum Leader at Workington Academy. John is a Eucharistic Minister and reader at St. Joseph's Church in Frizington. John sits on the Curriculum & Standards Committee.

Mrs. Susan Paterson has worked in the nuclear industry for over 20 years in Property & Land Management and Operations. Prior to this, she worked in vocational training. She is active in St Begh's Parish by supporting the Confirmation programme and sitting on the Buildings & Finance Committee. She sits on the Staffing, Finance & Assets Committee.

Mrs. Tracey Sullivan has led the children's liturgy group at St. Begh's Church and has been a catechist for the First Holy Communion group for several years.  She has been a school governor for over 14 years at local  Catholic schools. She has worked for the civil service for over 30 years. She sits on the Staffing, Finance & Assets Committee.

Parent Governors:

Mr. Steven Power works as a Health Physics Monitor in the Nuclear Industry and has done so for the past 20 years. Steven sits on the Health & Safety/Safeguarding and Staffing, Finance & Assets Committees.

Mrs. Claire Shepherd works in the Nuclear Industry. She works in Human Resources. Claire sits on the Staffing, Finance & Assets and Curriculum & Standards Committees.

Local Authority Governor:

Mr. Grant Tebay has 10 years of experience working in a local secondary school, starting as a learning support assistant working with young people with a range of SEND needs and progressing to managing a small team within the department. He went on to teaching, specialising in Personal Development and Religious Education. He is currently pursuing a career in Project Management. He sits on the Curriculum & Standards Committee.

Headteacher Governor:

Mrs. Catherine Mallard has worked at St. Begh's since 1998 as classteacher, deputy headteacher and acting headteacher before taking over the role of headteacher in February 2014. Catherine sits on all committees.

Staff Governor:

Miss Paula Skelly  joined St. Begh's as a Year 6 classteacher in September 2018. She has extensive experience as a teacher and leader in local schools. Paula sits on the Health & Safety Committee. 

Associate Member:

Mrs. Hayley Hodgson joined St. Begh's as a Year 3 classteacher and deputy headteacher in September 2023. She has 15 years teaching and leading experience in KS2 and with NPQSL. She also has previous governing body experience as a staff governor at a previous school. Hayley sits on the Curriculum & Standards Committee. 

Clerk to the Governors:

Miss Sophie McLean also works as an administrator in the School Office.


Governor Declarations of Interest and Terms of Office

St. Begh's Instrument of Government

Code of Conduct for Governors

Governance Handbook

Annual Governance Statement 2022-23 (including governor attendance information)



Curriculum & Standards  This committee examines the way the School plans and delivers its curriculum and scrutinises data on the pupils' progress and attainment. Members ensure that school leaders are taking all necessary steps to continually develop provision and maintain the highest standards possible. 

Members: Mrs. Patricia McCarron (Chair), Mrs. Catherine Mallard, Mrs. Mary McCormick, Mr. John Savage, Mr. Grant Tebay, Mrs. Hayley Hodgson, Miss. Lois Anderson.


Staffing, Finance & Assets  This committee oversees the school budget and ensures that resources are being used to meet the priorities outlined in the School Improvement Plan and Building, Maintenance and Servicing Plan. They are also responsible for recruitment and staffing matters.

Members: Mrs Mary McCormick (Chair), Mrs. Catherine Mallard, Mrs. Patricia McCarron, Miss Lois Anderson, Mrs. Claire Shepherd, Mrs Susan Paterson, Mrs. Tracey Sullivan.


Health & Safety/Safeguarding  This committee is responsible for the ensuring that all procedures pertinent to the health and safety of pupils, staff and visitors are in place and managed effectively and that all the School's statutory duties in relation to safeguarding are fulfilled.

Members: Mr. Peter McLean (Chair), Mrs. Catherine Mallard, Mrs. Jo Frears, Miss Lois Anderson, Mr. Steven Power, Miss Paula Skelly, Mrs. Patricia McCarron.


Pastoral & Spirituality  This committee is responsible for maintaining and nourishing the essential link between the School and Parish.

Members: Mrs. Louise Jenkins (Chair), Fr. Richard Simons, Fr. Cenydd Marrison, Mrs. Jo Frears, Mrs. Catherine Mallard.


 All committees report to the Full Governing Body at least termly. 



The Role of the Governing Body is to:

  • help the school to set high standards by planning for the school's future and setting targets for school improvement;
  • keep the pressure up on school improvement;
  • be a critical friend to the school, offering support and advice;
  • help the school respond to the needs of parents and the community;
  • make the school accountable to the public for what it does;
  • work with the school on planning, developing policies and keeping the school under review;
  • exercise its responsibilities and powers in partnership with the headteacher and staff;
  • not intervene in the day-to-day management of the school unless there are weaknesses in the school, when it then has a duty to take action.

How to Become a Governor:

Voluntary Aided schools have:

· Parent governors

· Staff governors

· Local Authority governors

· Foundation governors

Parent Governors

Parent governors are elected or appointed from all parents and carers of registered pupils at the school. Parent governors are elected by other parents and carers at the school, however if insufficient parents stand for election, the governing body can appoint parent governors. A parent governor is a representative and not a delegate of the parents. Therefore parent governors do not have to vote in a particular way because they have been pressed by other parents to do so. Parent governors are on the governing body to promote the interests of all children in the school.

Staff Governors

Staff governors are elected by staff at the school. All paid staff at the school are eligible to become staff governors. The head teacher is a staff governor, but is a member of the governing body by right. Staff governors have equal status in the responsibility they share with all members of the governing body. However, staff governors cannot be chair or vice chair of the governing body and must withdraw from the governing body when discussions regarding appraisal or pay of staff is discussed. This does not apply to the head teacher, apart from when his/her pay is discussed. Again staff governors do not have to vote in a particular way because they have been pressed by other staff to do so.

Local Authority Governors

Authority governors are appointed by the local authority. Cumbria County Council can appoint any individual it thinks suitable for school governorship, many local councillors are school governors. Like all governors, authority governors must act in the best interests of the school and the wider community and cannot be mandated to take a particular stance on issues. However their knowledge and understanding of council priorities will inform debates.

Foundation Governors

Our schools have vacancies for Foundation Governors to support us in our Mission. We have attached below the Diocesan 'Called to Serve' guidance below for those wishing to find out more about how they can support our schools as Foundation Governors. Governors perform a vital role in our school and are highly valued by the school, the parish and the Diocese. They provide strategic support and oversight, as well as maintaining and developing the Catholic character and ethos of our schools. If you feel you could support our schools as a governor, please contact the Diocese of Lancaster on 01524 841190 who will be able to talk you through the application process. If you would like an informal chat with the Headteacher to discuss the prospect of becoming a governor, as well as an overview of the training and support that will be given, please contact the school on 01946 696959. Foundation Governor application form

Minutes of Full Governor Meetings available on request from the School Office.

Financial Information

No employees of St. Begh's Catholic Junior School earn £100,000 or more.

Please follow this link to the School's benchmarking information.