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St Begh's Catholic Junior School

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 Senior Leadership Team


Mrs. Catherine Mallard (Headteacher)

Mrs. Louise Jenkins (Deputy Headteacher)

Mrs. Louise Hufton (SENCo)

Mrs. Cathy Jones 

Mr. David Pearce


 Teaching Staff

Loweswater Year 6: Miss Paula Skelly responsible for Science.

Buttermere Year 6: Miss Debra Lloyd responsible for History & Geography.

Ennerdale Year 5: Mr. David Pearce responsible for Maths.

Wastwater Year 5: Miss Louise McLean responsible for PSHE & HRSE.

Lowther Year 5: Miss Maisie Jenkins.

Wellington Year 4: Mrs. Penny Roberts responsible for Reading.

Haig Year 4: Mrs. Louise Jenkins responsible for RE and the Catholic Life of the School.

Beacon Year 4: Mrs. Heidi Hardy responsible for Art & Design and Mrs. Sarah Parr responsible for French and Music.

Harbour Year 3: Mrs. Cathy Jones responsible for Writing.

Solway Year 3: Miss Shauna Dunn.

P.E. Mr. Craig Sharkey.


 Support Staff

Mrs. Sheila Preston (HLTA) 

Mrs. Alisha Siddle (HLTA)

Mrs. Julie Schofield (HLTA)


Mrs. Edith Farrelly (STA)

Mrs. Elaine McCluskey (STA)

Miss Rachel Banks (STA)

Mrs. Helena Bazyk (STA)

Miss Jessica Duffy (TA)

Miss Amy McIntyre (TA)

Miss Zoe Frears (TA)

Miss Caitlin Evans (Apprentice TA)

Miss Jessica Redden (Apprentice TA)

Mrs. Andrea Orr (Apprentice TA)

Miss Andrea Fitzgerald (Apprentice TA)

Miss Millie Launder (cover teacher and TA)

Mr. David Collins (Caretaker)

Mrs. Elizabeth Bragg, Mrs. Carol Joyce & Miss Zoe Cowell (cleaners).


Mr. Paul Brinton (Crossing Patrol - employed by Cumbria County Council)


 Administrative Staff

Miss Lianne Dixon, Mrs. Sharon Doran (School Administrators), Miss Sophie McLean (Junior School Administrator).

 Lunchtime Staff

Mrs. Louise Reid, Mrs. Andrea Orr, Mrs. Nicola Davidson, Mrs. Gemma Halligan, Miss Zoe Cowell, Mrs. Jenna Green, Mrs. Janine Graham (Midday Supervisors). 

Mrs. Jackie Cullnean (School Cook), Mrs. Cheryl Parr, Mrs. Carol Joyce, Mrs. Joanne Pears, Mrs. Judith Pearson (School Kitchen).