Our School SENCo is: Mrs. Louise Hufton (contact on 01946 696959 or lhufton@st-beghs.cumbria.sch.uk).
Visit the 'Policies' page of our website for links to our SEND Policy and SEND - Local Offer Response and SEN Information Report.

SEND - What does our Local Authority Offer?


If you have any queries regarding SEND please contact Louise Hufton (SENCo) on 01946 696959 or email: admin@st-beghs.cumbria.sch.uk 


If parents and carers feel they would like some impartial information, advice or support on any issues relating to their children’s special educational needs and disabilities (SEND), they can contact the Cumbria SEND Information, Advice and Support Service (SENDIASS) who can offer a range of support. We will help parents, carers and young people to prepare for meetings with schools or the local authority and practically support them at the meetings in an appropriate and impartial manner. We can also signpost to other relevant support networks.

For more information on SENDIASS and how to find support, please click on this link: https://www.cumbria.gov.uk/childrensservices/schoolsandlearning/ils/parentpartnership/default.asp 

SENDIASS Leaflet for Parents



The Role of the Educational Psychologist: 

There may be times when the School requires the support of an expert. One key person the School can call on is the Educational Psychologist.

Our SENCo works closely with the Educational Psychologist to support children in a number of ways:

  • Regular meetings take place to discuss pupils on the SEN register. During these meetings pupil progress will be discussed and support strategies looked at in detail.
  • Advice is given to school to ensure that children's needs are being met as appropriately as possible.
  • Advice will be given to parents so that further support may be given at home.
  • Training is given to staff when pupils with complex needs are admitted to the school.
  • Reports are submitted to inform statements for pupils with complex needs or disabilities. 

The Early Help Process: 

The School can assist any family in need of extra help through the Early Help process. This can apply to any additional need a child and/or family may be experiencing. Please contact our SENCo, Louise Hufton for more information and click on this link: Early Help leaflet.


Any complaints about the support the school provides should be directed in the first instance to our SENCo. (Contact details above.)