St. Bega

Our School is dedicated to St. Bega. She was an Irish princess who fled across the Irish Sea when her father tried to force her to get married to a Viking prince! She wanted to dedicate her life to God instead. The place she is said to have landed is also named after her: St. Bees. It is about 3 miles south of our School.

There are many exciting legends associated with St. Bega. She is said to have asked the Lord of Egremont for some land so that a monastery could be built. He told her she could have whatever land was covered with snow the very next day. Snow was on the ground that day, even though it was the middle of summer! She is also said to have been given a bracelet by an angel before she set off on her perilous journey across the sea. When she left St. Bees, she left the bracelet, hoping that it would bring more miracles to the local people.

The part of St. Bega's story we like the best though at St. Begh's are the many stories of the ways in which she helped any local people in need. We think we can be sure that these stories aren't just legend and we try to follow her example in this respect as often as we can.

We celebrate St. Bega's Day at our school on the 7th November each year.